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If you’ve checked the news on the subject of American transportation infrastructure lately, you’ve probably heard that the sky is falling.

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It’s true that Congress can’t get its act together and pass a decent transportation bill, but the amount of money that’s being spent isn’t the problem so much as the fact that we’re spending it on expanding highways instead of keeping the stuff we have in good shape.

A new report from the Congressional Budget Office adds some useful perspective on public infrastructure spending (federal, state, and local, including water infrastructure) since 1956 [PDF]. Measured as a share of Gross Domestic Product, public infrastructure spending has been fairly stable throughout the last six decades at about 2.4 percent, reports the CBO.

Second, there's discretionary spending which includes the buying of non-essential goods and services.

First, there's spending on necessities such as food, housing and clothing.

What Americans buy is divided into two major categories.

The recent increase in consumer spending may be attributed in part to higher gas prices, but it also suggests increased discretionary spending and an upsurge in consumer confidence, as more jobs were created early in the year and consumers took on more debt.


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