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I in turn was shocked and hoped I would never catch this complaint.

I in turn was shocked and hoped I would never catch this complaint.Rearing my children they have asked me what does gay mean and I have explained its when a woman is attracted to a woman or a man is attracted to a man , their reactions were similar and they were surprised that this was possible , this is down to how they have been reared and been moulded into thinking a women and man fall in love with each other this is stereotyping and I am guilty but I never saw the need to prepare them for any other scenario and I’m sure they will encounter this as they go through life , and hope they will accept it as they should in the correct manner.

This type of anti-bias approach seeks to Nurture the development of each child to her/his full potential by actively addressing issues of diversity and equity in the early years setting ,for example, children form positive attitudes towards difference from a very early age, they are more likely to grow up appreciating diversity as a normal part of their lives.

A great example of the bias against England was my granny when the Eurovision was on, when Great Britains turn came there were certain profanities hurled at our black and white television and many times over many years I heard her say “I don’t mind if Ireland doesn’t win as long as we beat England”, the same for the Dublin horse show and I as my siblings followed suit its funny and strange to think of how bias we were.

I grew up in a rural setting and didn’t see a lot outside of Wexford for many years.

My parents laughed for days and even told my neighbours mother and there was no offence taken or no apology to be made.

I don’t think this would happen today, I would tell my 11yr old to not to say that and explain in great detail the ins and outs of the situation. * Goodman (1970) demonstrated that children begin to develop racial identity as early as three years of age. My father was a nurse and I went to the convent and the nuns always asked what does your father do , I think they knew the mothers were at the kitchen sink as they never mentioned the poor mothers , when I would reply” he is a nurse” titters and sniggers would fill the classroom .


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