English Reflective Essay

English Reflective Essay-12
The examination of your beliefs, values, attitudes and assumptions forms the foundation of your understanding.Reflective thinking demands that you recognise that you bring valuable knowledge to every experience.

Personally, I find English quite complicated because growing up, I have always been caught up in the British and American system of education, which made it quite complicated for me to have a balance when studying or writing essays in English.

Also, even though English is my first language, French was also a language I grew up in.

Thus I was able to communicate and write essay proficiently in French.

At the beginning of this course, I knew the basics of writing an essay but it was not in depth.

It helps you therefore to recognise and clarify the important connections between what you already know and what you are learning.

It is a way of helping you to become an active, aware and critical learner.And the number of sentences in each paragraph did not really matter.In addition, back then, when it comes to reviewing the essay, it was the teacher’s job or that of her assistance.I honestly have no idea what to write about for my Higher English reflective essay, it was the folio which caused me to get a B at National 5, and I'm certain it was the reflective essay that was the problem not the persuasive essay...So yeah I know you're meant to write about an experience that's happened to you, but the only things that I can write lots about aren't the happiest of things e.g. So can people give me some ideas about what they wrote about and I'll try and just imagine that these things actually happened to me? We haven't been given a date for our first draft yet but the final draft is to be handed in for the middle of October.You could perhaps do the reflective to satisfy your teacher (I have never done a reflective piece before as I did creative for both N5 and Higher, so I have no ideas for you-sorry!) and then do a creative at the same time or at a later date if you are not happy with the way the reflective one turns out?But in college, we get to see our peers review our essay and give us remarks without agreeing or disagreeing with our points in the essay.This helps us make correction and improve our essay and avoid future mistakes.This review helps us enhance our essay and make corrections that the instructor makes on each of the essay.Also in this course, we wrote essays for each topic more than once.


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