English Literature Essay Structure

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Here are some top tips on how to successfully write an essay for your English Literature exam: Whatever your subject, whatever your task at hand, you can make research an exciting and fruitful part of your project. Regular use of a Thesaurus can make your writing more colourful, expressive and effective.

We all work harder and more successfully when we are actively interested in our work. Of course using too many long and impressive sounding words may lead you to sound like you’ve swallowed the Thesaurus, but carefully considered eloquence can take your essay up to the next grade.

Think about your essay like a bountiful ten-course meal, with each paragraph of your argument being a separate dish.

In the right order, each dish compliments the last and leads the way for the next.

It’s possible to find themes and histories in every academic piece of work that can align with your interests somehow. Markers seek a fluid and sophisticated command of language, so be adventurous and challenge yourself with your choice of words.

Not only will this make drafting out your essay, dissertation or exam preparation enjoyable, but also finding imaginative ways to discuss the subject at hand ensures you write from a unique point of view, which will make your writing stand out. The best way to do this is to write out your first draft and just focus on getting your points across.

Hopefully, this guide will help you decipher my comments.

(Be thankful you dont have to decipher my handwriting plus these abbreviations as my former students had to!

Once you have done this you can begin to thoughtfully refine and embellish your language. strong, and think about how you could change the word to something more specific and expressive.

Instead of strong, could you say: unyielding, valiant, militant or unadulterated?


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