Emerson Essays Second Series

Moreover, everyday details so preoccupy us that little time is left for more serious considerations.Emerson writes that "the pith of each man's genius contracts itself to a very few hours." As the history of literature contains only a few original ideas that have been worked and reworked, so the history of society reveals only a very few spontaneous human actions beyond "custom and gross sense." Although we attribute great importance to the calamities of life, they actually have no lasting meaning.

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Pseudoscience defines man by his physical traits and reduces inner qualities to the level of matter.This self-limitation necessitates our examining all of humankind to gain a sense of the whole.We must look at the weak as well as the admirable examples, because God underlies all of them.It appeared in 1844 in his Essays: Second Series (published in Boston by James Munroe in October of 1844 and in London by John Chapman in November of 1844).Essays: Second Series, including "Experience," was issued in 1876 as the third volume of the Little Classic Edition of Emerson's writings, in 1886 as the third volume of the Riverside Edition, in 1906 as the third volume of the Centenary Edition, and in 1983 as the third volume of the Collected Works published by Harvard.We are unable to see beyond our material existence and to utilize the creative vigor that nature has given us, and cannot distinguish between our productive and unproductive efforts.The distance created by time's passage sometimes reveals that what we thought were unoccupied hours were actually our most fruitful periods.In the essay, Emerson explores the action of these forces on the way we live and understand our lives.The experience of life is confusing, Emerson writes at the beginning of the essay.Emerson turns to the subject of perspective, and to the way temperament and mood — both parts of man's makeup — affect perspective.He writes of dream and illusion, and of how we see only what we are capable of seeing.


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