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Before the electoral college was purposed, founding fathers debated many other ideas such as having congress elect the president and having the popular vote directly pick the president (Kimberling, W., n.d.).All ideas were eventually turned down for reasons such as too much government involvement and fear of citizens not being able to make accurate choices due to lack of information.Some see the Electoral College as a peculiar and mystifying institution that ensures only a few, select individuals will ever cast a direct vote for president in the United States.

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It can easily be misread or tampered with, causing many recounts and rechecking faulty technology.

The biggest dispute over the Electoral College was in the election of 2000 when George W.

The Electoral College will always override the popularity vote, but it rarely happens.

To win the presidential election a president needs to win 270 of the Electoral votes. The largest consequences of using the Electoral College is that is can seem unfair to many citizens because it overrides the popular vote and it is not the most reliable voting method.

Founding fathers didn’t want the government to have the full say in the president, because that would contradict the democracy they fought for.

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They also wins the state receives all of that states electoral college.Basically, the entire election was decided on the supreme court’s decision, which left many Americans frustrated with the Electoral College.This was the first time that the Electoral College really failed for multiple reasons such as butterfly ballots, errors with punch card machines, and no method to recount votes (The Election of 2000, n.d.). With the past 2016 election, many began to question why we have the Electoral College.There could be several reasons such as republicans and democrats never being able to decide on a new plan.Also, many fear that a new plan will not help Americans or our voting system.On top of Bush losing the popular vote, it was never clear that he won the Electoral College.Gore has earned around 255 Electoral votes while Bush had 246, it all came down to who would win Florida for 25 votes (The Election of 2000, n.d.).It made many voters feel as if their vote did not matter because the Electoral College overruled the popular vote.Although it has happened rarely, it brings into question why we still use the Electoral College.The Founding Fathers created the Electoral College after much debate and compromise, but it has provided stability to the process of picking presidents.Though the winner of the national popular vote typically takes the presidency, that vote failed to determine the winner in four elections: .


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