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https://studentshare.org/literature/1448152-compare-and-contrast-attitudes-towards-war-in-the...the battlefield, S. Crane disallows acknowledging of remorseful empathy by considering the good nature every soldier originated from, being in “the lover” who “threw wild hands toward the sky” and the “father” who “tumbled in the yellow trenches (Crane).” It feels buoyant with hopes one may seek getting replenished under this condition of discerning that soldiers, whether on the enemy's side or the other, are human beings themselves capable of playing sensible roles other than waging futile wars. Dulce et Decorum est was often heard off in the First World War, this phrase declares the nobleness and sweetness of dying for ones country, so explicitly Owens’s poem is proclaiming the sweetness of death for ones country.However, irony and sarcasm are the literary devices utilised here as the poem clearly presents how there is absolutely nothing sweet or correct about war in its place, is a horrid and terror stricken time for......This is directly in negative contrast to the poem where a soldier could not move on without helping a comrade in need during the conquests.

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All the pain of war is brought out in the lines that describe the painful journey of the men through the sludge, dodging shells and bullets, wary of sniffing poison gas.

The young poet coins the expression "blood-shod" when speaking of......face, His hanging face, like a devils sick of sin" The idea of evil corrupting good is strong in the poem.

There was no form of unity in the community and the viewpoint towards war was that of an institution that did not matter and despite the struggles that the soldiers went through, life still moved on. The same happened when I became familiar with such poems as The Things They Carried, Dulce et Decorum Est, Facing It, War is Kind and The Red Convertible.

Expectations are that the community would welcome the soldier in unison giving much commendation to the achievements made in the war but this was not the case. For example, The Things They Carried by O’Brien taught me to sympathize people, who had participated in Vietnam War.

Dulce et Decorum Est An Essay about Wilfred Owen's best known anti-war poem "Dulce et Decorum est" is a blunt declaration against war.

Dulce Et Decorum Est Essay Analysis American Tragedy Essay Questions

The poet describes war from the soldier's perspective: "we cursed through sludge". In these 28 verses rhymed in iambic pentameter, the author vividly creates the dramatic atmosphere of the war, only to question the reader in the final lines.

Many publications have been made about the war and two of the acclaimed works are Soldier’s home and Dulce et Decorum est.

The attitudes towards war in "Soldier's Home" and "Dulce et Decorum Est." are somewhat similar, but the actions and words of the characters show that their opinions differ of what it means to be a soldier.

Another form that showed the amount of disunity in the story is the diverging viewpoints of people whereas some like the soldier’s family commended his efforts (“Short Story Soldier's Home and the Poem Dulce et Decorum Est Essay”, n.d.) Short Story Soldier's Home and the Poem Dulce et Decorum Est Essay. The author stresses that soldiers always carry with them the heaviest weight – thoughts and memories about cruel battles and pain. Nevertheless, all of these young people were not prepared for the horrors of war which include death, torture and chaos.

Retrieved from https://studentshare.org/literature/1448152-compare-and-contrast-attitudes-towards-war-in-the (Short Story Soldier' S Home and the Poem Dulce Et Decorum Est Essay) Short Story Soldier' S Home and the Poem Dulce Et Decorum Est Essay. They carry this weight even when the war is over... The loaded symbolism of the titles of both the works is also a similarity of these works.


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