Do Kids Have Too Much Homework

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He looks so small but was already experiencing so many firsts.He swam in the pool, touched the sand, met some of our friends and was all giggles and snuggles.To be honest, compact strollers are practically our most-used form of transportation nowadays.

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I was determined to prove to him wrong, so I booked a weekend trip to Miami for the three of us. Anything new you do with a tiny baby for the first time is nerve-wracking, from the simpleness of bathing them in your kitchen sink to embarking on a three hour flight filled with unknowns.

But I reminded myself that if my parents could do this 30-something years ago, so could we, especially with all the new baby technology made for travel to be easier.

So before I became a mom, I considered myself an expert traveler.

I would have my packing list down to a science in order to fly with the least amount of things so nothing could slow down my adventures.

Like for example the Bugaboo Ant, which is so compact when folded it even fits in the overhead compartment of most planes and is super lightweight. He slept in my arms the entire flight and when we landed we were excited with the change of scenery.

Unlike any other travel stroller, the Ant also can be rolled when folded, making it easier for traveling parents to handle the millions of things they need to do when at the airport. I look back at the photos of that first trip and still get teary-eyed.And in this journey, I've learned that as long as you have the right gear, it's still possible to pack light even with a kid.Sure, you need the light Bugaboo Ant travel stroller, an easy to fold pack-n-play and car seat that you can lug around without losing your breath, but once you have the right stuff, you are ready for any adventure. Granted, not every flight was as easy as his first.She says that means ensuring your kids have play time, down time and family time each day—which may mean being upfront with your child's teacher about how much time remains.“You could certainly go and talk to your individual teacher and say, 'Here's what we're doing at home.It's taking my daughter a really long time to do this. "Just as important is to consider the aspects of your child's schedule that you do have control over, such as extracurriculars, time spent on social media and household responsibilities.Now that he is a toddler he requires way more distractions than before.There have been times when a seven-hour drive has turned into a 10-hour one because we've needed to stop for all of us to decompress."[There is] a heightened sense of stress for the whole family when the kid has too much homework," says Denise Pope, a senior lecturer at the Stanford School of Education and co-founder of Challenge Success."For the parents, it's a real source of stress because some of them say, 'I don't even get to see my kids.'"In a 2014 report published in the , Pope and her fellow researchers found teens at high-performing high schools in California had an average 3.1 hours of homework per night—which 56% of the students said was a top source of stress in their lives.And then I had a baby and I assumed it was time to slow down.The first three months were spent in New York getting to know each other, snuggling on the couch and visiting local attractions. My husband, who is way more of a homebody than I am, insisted that it was too early for us to get on a plane with our son.


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