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) but those scenarios are the exceptions, not the rule.

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Not every diverse group beat the very able groups, but some did, because they were open to a range of solutions not considered by the very able students.

The study is also interesting for its requirements.

In this one, they examine what happens when you have groups of “oldtimers” and “newcomers.” The researchers created groups of oldtimers—in this case, students from the same frat or sorority—and brought in newcomers with either a similar background or an unfamiliar background.

The groups were then tasked with solving a murder mystery.

I like working with people who are unlike me, because their opinions and experiences make me see the world in new and interesting ways—and that makes me a better person.

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Never have I met someone, learned about them, and then wished I hadn’t met them.Here are seven stats and studies illustrating the real, tangible benefits of a diverse workplace.A study run by Mc Kinsey found that diverse boards perform better than their less diverse cousins.It’s easy to assume you are like your customers, but that’s rarely the entire story.Diverse discussions can help you uncover more details and lead you to make better decisions.The diverse group is also pulled from a big sample size, so you’re getting a real reflection of the available diversity.Building diverse teams has also been shown to build a better product, when judged by peers.In academia, publishing is usually more important than teaching, so publishing papers that are cited widely and held in high esteem is the ultimate goal for most professors.A study written up in Scientific American looked at 1.5 million academic papers and “found that papers written by diverse groups receive more citations and [had] higher impact factors than papers written by people from the same ethnic group.” However, homogeneous groups of authors still make up more than their fair share of the papers.The study found that “persons of similar ethnicity co-author together more frequently than predicted by their proportion among authors.” This suggests that we can get better things done when we work across boundaries, but we have to make an effort to do it.It is incredibly easy to seek out echo chambers and similar viewpoints, but it leads to inferior final products.


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