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a sample of [X number of people, firms, data, objects, e.g., doctors, banks, songs], we collected data from three sources [e.g., X, Y and Z]. show that the impact of [insert text] on [insert text] is more complex than previously thought/assumed. prompt a re-thinking of [insert your area of interest] We conclude that...

At some point during the course of your dissertation writing process, you will likely need to write an abstract. An abstract is a piece of writing that tells potential readers what a paper, book, dissertation, or other piece of writing is about. They should entice readers, make them interested in your work, and make them eager to read your paper, dissertation, or project in its entirety. You may be required to submit an abstract of your dissertation as part of your dissertation proposal.

It will use an introduction/body/conclusion structure, which presents the dissertation’s purpose, results, conclusions, and recommendations in that order.

It will follow strictly the chronology of the dissertation and provide logical connections (or transitions) between the information included.

The Writing Center at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill suggests five main ideas that any abstract should address, regardless of discipline.

These are: Reason for writing: What’s important about your research and why should a reader care?

Similarly, if you decide to publish a chapter of your dissertation in a book or in a journal, you will likely need to submit an abstract to an editor.

Applications for grants and fellowships also frequently call for abstracts of your dissertation or research. Different disciplines will require abstracts that include different kinds of information.

The dissertation abstract concisely describes the content and scope of the writing and reviews the contents in abbreviated form.

The abstract should be the last part of the dissertation that you write. The abstract is designed to give a ‘snapshot’ of your work.


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