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Keywords: Diabetes, power of collaboration, research How to cite this URL: Mohan V.My 40-year journey in diabetes research: The power of collaboration.Indeed, we did not even have a library or access to journals.

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We then treated the dogs with a sulfonylurea and biguanide and compared the effect with the use of either drug alone.

We showed a synergistic effect if both drugs were used, leading to a reduction of the dose of the individual drugs.

Perspect Clin Res [serial online] 2018 [cited 2019 Sep 7];3-22. 2018/9/3/113/236485It is often believed that it is difficult to do medical research outside of the university set up or academia.

This is particularly true in developing countries like India where only a negligible number of doctors do serious research. Viswanathan is often referred to as the “Father of Diabetology in India” as he set up the first Diabetes Clinic in India at the Government Stanley Medical College and Hospital at Chennai in 1948.

It is also essential that the seeds for doing research are planted early in a medico's life even during undergraduate days, as only then will more doctors take up medical research as a career.

Finally, the article demonstrates how it is possible to do good quality research in India if one has the passion and sustained interest in the field even if one is not in a university or academic setup.

However, we only had manual, paper-based, medical records.

This meant that if one had to do a study, one had to go through hundreds of records manually to note down all the clinical and biochemical findings. There was no Google, no Pubmed, and no Science Citation Index.

I often hear from my colleagues that they are scared to collaborate with someone in research as they feel that they will be “cheated” out of the glory due to them, or even worse, that their data will be stolen!

My experience has taught me otherwise and has, in fact, convinced me about the need for collaboration with multiple stakeholders for conducting successful research and certainly to take it to the next level, as I shall explain in this article.


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