Devoted Teacher Essay

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When I provide my struggling writers with sentence stems, I’ve found it beneficial to do two things: Life gets busy. You can conference with them, you can leave notes on their Google Docs, you can do it the traditional way and write comments on a printed paper, or you can even use dialogue journals.In my free time, I enjoy loving on my kids, deconstructing sentences, analyzing literature, making learning fun, working out, and drinking a good cup of coffee. I’ve found it much more challenging to model writing with enriched and AP students because they are already talented writers and catch your every mistake!Still, it’s valuable, but for teachers who are a little out of their comfort zones, this approach really does work, and it’s not too scary.Perhaps it was an online course, and you just wanted to be able to talk to the director face-to-face to get clarification.Maybe you were overwhelmed by needing to do one thousand things but only having an hour to get them done (. I’ve found success in slowing down my writing units by providing thorough time to model each paragraph.So many of our kids are collaborative learners by nature, and allowing them to tackle an overwhelming task by working with someone else takes half the pressure off of them.Finally, students are ready to tackle a paragraph on their own.Give them one accolade for every piece of constructive criticism. Sometimes you might even have to stretch the truth a bit, but the reward is worth it. If our bosses approach us (as they sometimes do) with complaint after complaint, we can easily begin to wonder if we have any value…if anyone sees the effort we put into our jobs day after day. Now, think about the piling mandates…the constant pressure and responsibilities added to our daily workload.These burdens are so similar to what a reluctant writer often feels when rushed into writing a multiple-paragraph essay without proper scaffolding.In my classroom, this is how it works: After some prep time (sometimes weeks!) of teaching students about traits of writing, the writing process, MLA skills, and plagiarism, we are ready to begin a class writing activity. Having already taught them that an argumentative thesis takes a stance on a controversial topic, I ask, “Who can compose a solid thesis statement for this topic? Sometimes I type them all, and we select the strongest one.


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