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Although there are some positive things which can be obtained from using of genetic engineering used on unborn babies, it is often wondered if parents will have the “right” reasons to genetically modify their baby, or if reasoning will become more superficial.

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As with all novel technologies, there are some pros as well as cons of having a designer baby.

So, here is a list of the designer babies pros and cons that you should know: By editing out an unborn baby’s defective genes and only retaining the healthy genes, the baby will grow up healthier.

Instead of influencing the child later in life, by designing a baby may help you create some similar types of influences but even before the baby is born.

Like instead of pushing the baby to study hard and do well in the academic field, you can already enhance your baby’s mental capabilities before your baby is even born.

When you use the genetic modification technique to create a designer baby, it will help to reduce the chances of various genetic disorders in your baby.

In many instances, these are not only a means to reduce your baby’s chances of getting affected with certain health conditions, but are also a way of increasing your baby’s chances of survival.

A new system of genetic engineering, referred to as “Designer Babies,” genetically modifies the DNA of a fetus to achieve desirable traits among them.

This ultimately changes their life, sometimes for better or for worse.

A “designer baby” is a baby whose genetic makeup has been artificially selected in-vitro by genetic engineering to ensure the presence or absence of particular genes or characteristics.

The term “Designer Baby” was taken from “Designer clothing” which describes the disapproving implication of the transformation of babies.


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