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Furthermore, there are some of the most beautiful beaches that I have ever seen.

My dream house will be located exactly where I am living now in Noosa and I will tell you why.

This is the place that I feel absolute freedom and this is probably because of the good vibrations that exist there.

A big living room with an open kitchen would be very nice and also enough rooms for the guests or for doing some sport like yoga.

A big balcony with a beautiful view of the vines and nature would be peaceful.

In the FCE classes the students were set the delightful task to write about their dream house.

I was set the task of choosing the best one and then blogging it but I have to admit I found it extrememly challenging so I decided to take the cowardly route and thus to put the top eight up and leave it to our readers discretion as to which you think is the best. And thank you to the FCE students for sharing their wonderful ideas.The furniture inside would be dark brown and in an antique style. It would be great if the next house were placed 50m from me so I could have enough privacy and it would be wonderful to have nice neighbours in case I ever need help.In conclusion I hope I’ll have a great job someday to realise my dream house because I can think of nothing more important than to raise a family and get old in a wonderful home that I’ve dreamt up. By Justine Home sweet home Since I moved to Noosa I have become closer to nature and I have fallen in love with the idea of living near the beach, waking up and seeing the sea whilst listening to the birds and just feeling relaxed when I open up my eyes.I expect to have a nice pool, the best sofa in the world to watch films on Netflix and also a big backyard with a hammock and a barbecue grill to spend my weekends eating with my friends.To conclude, my ideal house is where I will be able to open the window and see the ocean while I’m lying in my hammock and know that I’m living exactly where I always wanted to – the real meaning of .It would also be nice for celebrating birthdays and having a glass of your self-made wine.All I need is a place where I can calm down after a hard working day.I’d prefer to live near Zurich but not in the centre of the city.If I could choose my dream place, it would be in a big apartment on the top floor with a really nice view over the lake and nature. Wohnzimmer by the way = living room, not house Or did you mean “ Traumwohnung” = dream apartment? You can use many adjectives like: gross, hell, freundlich, gemütlich, ordentlich…Mein Traum -Wohnzimmer ist hell,…the things/ furniture it has…everything male “einen”Es hat eine Stehlampe, einen Couchtisch, einen Teppich.


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