Descriptive Essay On A Journey By Bus

Then, there were students like me who were on their way to school. it was already quite full but I managed to get in with the other commuters.When the door closed, I was jammed against the door of the bus.

The whole crowd the passengers of the two buses rushed towards it.

I used all the strength, pushing others back-all the abuses lashed at me- got in- very fortunate for the bus moved as soon as I managed a standing seat between the rows of sitting seats. No they were just jute bags filled with flesh and bones.

Our bus stopped at Dadri for 10 minutes, some passengers got down. Then bus started again, outside window the natural scenery everywhere, it was really mesmerizing.

The air was cool, and the sun was shining brightly.

Low fare, punctuality of time, and ease of travel make the journey by train, both economical and comfortable.

Besides, there are several other advantages of travelling by train.

The bus was filled to the brim and there was not even much breathing space. At the next stop, some people got off and I was able to move inward.

But this made my position even more precarious as more people got on and I found myself sandwiched between two very huge men with nothing to hold on to.

It was a big relief to be out of the black hole after three hours torture especially for the children and women.

The bedding was brought back and lifted up the roof. What a comfort it was to be out of that luggage carrier all perspiring- all cursing the transport system of the state.


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