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While most of the fun has been replaced by dreary office work for most, digging through one’s bygone days, replaying them in your mind’s eye and taking the time to revisit them has its benefits.

Even a couple of days after the show I was caught staring into space, apparently looking pleased about something, as my friends informed me.

[caption id=”attachment_4399" align=”aligncenter” width=”3500"]The glass house at the Botanical Gardens in Bangaluru.

[/caption]Wanderlust Bonus #1: Lost History: Tipu Sultan Summer Palace, Bangalore That was what I did this year, on India’s Independence day.

From common flowers like spider lilies, marigolds, roses and hibiscus to flowers that made you stop in your tracks to some that required a flower encyclopedia to refer to, this green paradise had over 200 species of flowers.

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Uncountable terracotta pots overflowing with flowers were dotted all over the garden that saw people clicking pictures, smelling its aroma and admiring all that nature has on offer!Yes, I was recalling the times spent climbing the steep rocks much to my mother’s chagrin, chasing my friends in the garden, picnics by the lake, walks within the Glass house, sliding over the huge and only cement slide with a group of other excited children and climbing the huge Banyan tree..The good ol’ days at the gardens, amidst the flowers of India.[caption id=”attachment_4404" align=”aligncenter” width=”1600"][/caption]To take one back in history, the Lalbagh Botanical garden was completed by Tipu Sultan of Mysore housing India’s largest collection of tropical flowers.Spotted here and there along the lawns are bushes and flowers trimmed in the shape of musical instruments like gramophone, veena or animals, modes of transportation and so on.There is also display of unique farm produce using the latest horticultural technologies by farmers from all over the state of Karnataka.With intricate water system for irrigation, this garden is beautifully designed housing upto 1000 rare species of plants, manicured lawns, flowers of India, fountains, lotus ponds and trees up to a hundred years old.[caption id=”attachment_4403" align=”aligncenter” width=”1600"][/caption]The garden also has four entrances, each welcoming guests with its uniqueness.This year I went in through the southern gate, which is the main gate, to experience the fragrant and visual treat of the flower show.I visited the famous Bangalore Lalbagh Flower Show.Lalbagh has a special place in my childhood memories.What blew me away was the amount of people that were intent on being a part of the 202nd edition of the Bangalore Lalbagh flower show. After buying a ticket for the flower show online, the pleasant and cool August weather set off the whole excursion beautifully.The path that led to the Glass house that held the theme display, was carpeted with colorful and exotic flowers.


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