Demonstrated Analytical And Problem Solving Skills

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Think of SEO, CRO, UI/UX, or product development positions in Saa S companies.

Right— At this point, you may feel like you can more or less define analytical skills. Here’s an example: Say, one of your website’s landing pages has been underperforming in terms of sales.

Depending on your industry, experience, and expertise you may be asked to: These could be taken online or at the company location.

Depending on the company and the position you’re applying for these could consist of numeracy questions, literacy questions, tasks where you need to put events in a logical series or look for inconsistencies.

In addition, the site’s load speed was significantly worse than it had been for their previous site.

At first I thought it was a bandwidth issue, but realized the issue was only on the backend, which indicated that there must be a security setting that was protecting the server at the expense of the domain.

Not everyone will have an example of “impressive common sense” on hand.

So focus on your clarity and explanation, and try to come up with a topic that is related to the job that you’re interviewing for.

Behavioral interview questions about your analytical skills need to have special emphasis on the process, not just the outcome.

That’s because the interviewer is looking to see if your thought process is one that uses logic, clarity, and good judgment to solve a problem.


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