Definition Of Problem Solving And Decision Making

Definition Of Problem Solving And Decision Making-51
The team assigns you the responsibility of analyzing and presenting a large set of complex data.Others on the team will set up the experiment to demonstrate the hypothesis, prepare the class presentation, and write the paper summarizing the results.

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Occasionally you will be asked for your opinion or experience for decisions others are making.

To be effective in all of these circumstances, it is helpful to understand some principles about decision making.

For example, you might have to change your route due to traffic congestion, solve an IT issue, or work out what to make for dinner with the ingredients left in the fridge.

The challenges you may face in your professional career are likely to be a bit more complicated than these examples, however the skills and processes you use to come up with solutions are largely the same, as they rely on your ability to analyse a situation and decide on a course of action.

Once you define who is responsible for making the decision, everyone else will fall into one of two roles: giving input, or in rare cases, approving the decision.

Understanding the role of input is very important for good decisions.

Problem solving and decision making are likely to be essential aspects of a graduate-level job, so it is important to show a recruiter that you have the personal resilience and the right skills to see problems as challenges, make the right choices and learn and develop from your experiences.

You are likely to have to apply techniques of problem solving on a daily basis in a range of working situations, for example: You may have to use a logical, methodical approach in some circumstances, or be prepared to use creativity or lateral thinking in others; you will need to be able to draw on your academic or subject knowledge to identify solutions of a practical or technical nature; you will need to use other skills such as communication and planning and organising to influence change.

But, in either case, when coming up with the solution and deciding what to do, follow the same basic steps.

is a process of generating ideas for solutions in a group.


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