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The South therefore, felt the need to defend itself from attack.

The South therefore, felt the need to defend itself from attack.

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Southerners now defended slavery arguing that it was better than the capitalist system in which workers were nothing more than an exploited unit of labour.

They argued that slaves received food, shelter, health care and even old age security.

The differences include: ideological differences; economic differences, political differences; and social differences.

Ideological differences were a key factor in making the civil war an inevitable event.

Slavery was revived because cotton production had become profitable again.

So profitable in fact that the South would defend it militarily if needed. Mc Pherson termed the South’s move to leave the union as a “counterrevolution” which they undertook in order to preserve their economic system, which they feared would be destroyed by a “revolution” signalled by the election of Lincoln.

The actions of radical abolitionist John Brown did the most to provoke Southern paranoia about Northern intentions toward the Southern way of life.

The Harpers Ferry incident had the effect of reinforcing the siege mentality of the South.


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