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Critical Thinking Sample Questions-55
The statement is then followed by a series of inferences relating to it.You must label each of these inferences as: Two hundred students in their early teens voluntarily attended a recent weekend student conference in a city in England.

Strong arguments are highly relevant, realistic and challenge the argument given.

The key to answering these questions is to disregard your personal opinion and think logically.

The Watson Glaser pass mark varies from year to year depending on average Watson Glaser test results achieved from candidates to each firm.

To give yourself the best chance of being selected by the law firm you apply to, aim for a score of 75% or more.

This is because it tests for skills required for a career in law.

The Watson Glaser tests a candidate’s ability to: The Watson Glaser test questions follow a multiple choice format.But they suggest it is likely the case In the recognition of assumptions section of the Watson Glaser test, you’re given another statement to examine.You are then given a number of assumptions and asked if these have, or have not, been made in the statement.You should never aim to just pass the test because most law firms will use the Watson Glaser test results to decide between candidates who are doing equally well as each other in other parts of the recruitment process, like in their training contract applications.You can boost your chances of achieving the best score in the Watson Glaser by using our free Watson Glaser online practice test.We are also told that the problems discussed were selected by the students themselves.These points do not definitively prove that the statement is true.At this conference, the topics of race equality and means of achieving lasting world peace were discussed, since these were the problems the students selected as being most vital in today’s world.We know that the students ‘voluntarily’ attended so this implies they are interested in the broad social problems.Again, you should assume that everything in the passage is true.On this basis, you will assess whether the conclusions given follow on from the information provided.


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