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ed X is a nonprofit online learning platform that provides free courses from some of the world's best universities and institutions.

Students can find free courses available from organizations and colleges such as Columbia, MIT, University of Pennsylvania, New York Institute of Finance, and Cornell.

References are in brackets and take the form of the author's surname, followed by date of publication, followed (if appropriate) by page number(s), e.g. Note that all quotations must be supplied with page references, but if you are referring to an author's text in general terms, then of course page numbers are not required. Full details of all the works to which you refer must be supplied in a list of references or bibliography at the end of your essay.

(See below regarding what form these should take.)Full bibliographical references: References should be listed in alphabetical order according to author surname, regardless of whether the work is a whole book, an edited collection, a chapter/article in an edited collection, a journal paper, or an online publication.

The online MBAs are rapidly growing in number, from the first online MBA program from Aspen University in 1987 to 355 accredited online MBA degrees today.

The past 28 years have given us many programs and formats to choose from, but the evolution is far from over.And these MBA courses generally require 20-25 hours devoted to coursework and writing per week.But what if you are in a situation where you cannot shell out K-0K, or offer 25 hours per week on homework, but you would still like to work toward your MBA and business expertise? There are options ranging from enrolling in a competitive "pre-MBA" program from Harvard to spending four hours on a self-paced course from Stanford, with many options in between.These types of options can help you figure out if an online education is for you.It can keep you on the road to working toward an MBA and allow you to put more credentials on your resume or MBA application letters.A book reference should contain the following information: author/editor(s) surname; author/editor(s) first name or initial(s); date; title (in italics); special edition (e.g. References to chapters/articles in an edited collection should contain the following information: author surname; author first name or initial(s); date of edited collection; title of chapter/article (in inverted commas); full name of editor(s); title of edited collection (in italics); place of publication (city); name of publisher.2nd or revised); place of publication (city); name of publisher. E.g.: Davidson, Donald (1982), 'Paradoxes of Irrationality', in Richard Wollheim and James Hopkins (eds), (Oxford: Blackwell).Hailing from the Ivy League, Harvard University offers some online courses from the highly esteemed Harvard Business School, the HBX CORe program.HBX describes the program as a "primer on the fundamentals of business thinking" to give students fluency in the world of business.References to papers/articles in journals should contain the following information: author surname; author first name or initial(s); date of issue of journal; title of article (in inverted commas); name of journal (in italics); volume number; article pages. (2010), 'Immanuel Kant', Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, (retrieved 15/8/2012)Regarding lectures/handouts: It is seldom good practice to cite something that was said during the course of a lecture, or text from a course handout.E.g.: Mc Dowell, John (1995), 'Knowledge and the Internal', 55, 877-893All internet publications should be treated as if they were hard copy, i.e. You should normally aim to cite published references, and should not cite a lecture or handout simply to avoid searching the literature for yourself.


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