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Trainer was very knowledgeable and was able to tailor the whole day to our individual needs of some major digital marketing techniques.Needless to say, your expertise in digital was the massive guidance.A) Yes, this is an international level certified course being delivered by Empanelled Domain Experts of Henry Harvin Education.

Certification course in Content Writing Content is not the king, but the kingdom itself.

Almost every digital marketing technique has content in the center point.

Working as Content Writer from last four years, I was looking for a Social Media Course to expand my career horizon.

A friend of mine suggested to join Social Media Course at TBS and it really worked for me.

The skill is in being able to see the issues immediately and knowing what to do with them. The ambiance in the class is related, enjoyable, lots of good humor, gentle encouragement and superb results.

We want you to do 30 weeks through the year with us in order yo make sure children have sustained practice and their efforts are not half-baked. 20,000 plus GST of 18% for an entire academic year.

It will give you a clear understanding of the difference between writing content for various platforms and different marketing techniques such as SEO and SMM.

The course will also help you master the skills required to analyze the quality of the content to give inputs to the content team as and when required.

"I gained experience of professional content writing with industry tools, techniques, case studies, delivery methodologies, practical models, strategies, examples, session activities, experience sharing, videos, PPT's and industry best practices" A) The course offer overall skill development for content writing.

This course enables the participants to investigate deeper into any topic and become a deemed expert by developing skills pertaining to creating, evaluating, reorganizing, repackaging and presenting content at any forum.


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