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In painting these served as studies of light and color.

In painting these served as studies of light and color.

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My audience is global however, so I was trying to be seasonally appropriate but at the same time find something that everyone would enjoy participating in. Read More Photo Assignment #8 brings back the classic still life.Still life is a genre in photography that extends back to the past masters of painting.Its a reflection, or a study of an inanimate subject.This is an interesting assignment in the modern age due to the proliferation of drone and areal photography that’s not just “from a tall building” or “out of an airplane”. Read More Photo Assignment #3 is the second in our cinematography-inspired series – shooting at eye level. Read More The Art of Photography is a video series produced by Ted Forbes. I make videos that encompass a 360° view of the world of photography including tutorials, camera reviews, famous photographers and many other aspects.This is probably the most natural position for photographers to work in, but the objective here is to take this up a level. I also produce an ongoing Artist Series of documentaries on living photographers.Sometimes its not what we include in the photograph, rather what we leave out.Having a great amount of negative space really brings out the subject of the photograph.This is a technique which involves using an element of the composition to “frame up”, or draw attention to your subject.There are many wonderful examples of this throughout the history of photography, yet this technique is rarely taught. Read More Photo Assignment #10 deals with negative space.The balance of energy and contrast in the photograph is powerful.Viewer Work: Original Instruction Video: Viewer Submission Video: Photo Assignment #9 is a pretty big departure for me as an instructor.


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