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This is because there is always the fear of being mocked by their fellow students for asking those questions.

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In almost all cases, these smartphones are provided them by their parents and there are various reasons for that.

In some cases, they just want to make sure that their child has what they want.

This has created a situation of sorts for the teachers as well.

The seriousness of the situation could be understood from the fact that even primary school students have these gadgets. The usage of a smartphone during the lectures is not only degraded the performance of the students but also create a disturbing environment for the other student.

In other cases, there is a genuine wish to make sure that their kids are abreast with the latest happenings in the world.

There are several circles where it is sincerely believed that using smartphones at such tender ages can have a pernicious influence on the children.As has been said already, smartphones are being seen to have a disruptive influence in classrooms.The number of children using them and bringing them to class is always going up.These days, learning and school management systems are being created with the view of making education better and easier than what it was earlier.These technological systems are available only on the internet and this is perhaps the biggest reason why students should be encouraged to use smartphones in class.Experts say that the pull of using smartphones in the classroom is one temptation that students are finding quite hard to resist.However, they say that instead of banning it outright schools should give some thought to how their proper usage can be promoted in classrooms.In fact, there are some experts who say that children under the age of 16 years should not be allowed to use them at all. They say that they should not allow such usage until and unless there is no other way to do things.In fact, it is being believed that such usage is actually promoting bad behavior among students as well.Different schools around the world have reacted in various ways when it comes to dealing with the bad side of using these devices in schools.Some of them have partially banned the use of such devices and in some cases, there is zero tolerance being shown.


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