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This makes him the opposite of the dragon, who is a villain precisely because it keeps all the treasure for itself. This is not because he is such a strong warrior that even in old age he can defeat a dragon but because he fills the role of a king in his society, showing his bravery while going out to certain death fighting to protect his people.

These values might be respected today, but they are very different from the values behind modern heroes.

When Hector faced up to Achilles with his last dying breath, he wanted an honorable burial from his people.

However, Achilles refused this request and rather torture Hector’s dead body on his chariot which is a display of disrespect and dishonor.

Achilles is a nearly indestructible warrior with divine strength, while Odysseus is a crafty hero who uses his brains more than his brawn.

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There are modern versions of these two types of heroes.Later on, the Gods intervened and persuaded Achilles to return the body to Priam.Achilles in some situations, due to his rage, refused to fight with the other greek armies and wanted them to fall back.Try it risk-free Beowulf is the first hero in English literature.You can still see echoes of him in modern heroes like Superman.Some superheroes and other heroes of popular culture act basically like Beowulf even though they were created over a thousand years later.However, many modern heroes act very differently from Beowulf. Some heroes take the direct approach and overcome obstacles with raw power and strength, both physical and moral.Beowulf fighting his monsters is not so different from Superman fighting supervillains or Luke Skywalker fighting Darth Vader or Harry Potter fighting Voldemort.It is hard for a hero to take a more direct approach than Beowulf - he rips Grendel's arm right out of its socket!Later on Hector killed his close friend Patroclus, and Achilles seeks revenge on Hector.Hector is also viewed as more of the honorable one. Although of his devotion and love to his family, he could not abide by his wife’s wish for him to stay and not go to war.


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