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Your choice of sources will have a bearing on the validity of your paper, so choose them carefully.

You will include citations, following the MLA or APA formatting styles.

Not only will you need to understand the subject, but you must take a position on it, too.

You prove your point by using logical, well-founded reasoning.

It is written to communicate subjectively in a more relaxed, conversational and expressive style than other types of essay. The aim of a review is to analyze and present a piece of work, such as a book or a film, and evaluate its overall effects and validity.

It can be informative or persuasive and can include personal opinion. Though your subjective opinion does play a significant part, a review must still maintain certain objective standards.

It’s a factual essay, so your opinion is not required. The typical citation styles for these essays are MLA or APA formatting or Harvard modes.

As the name implies, a persuasive essay “persuades” the reader to a point of view.

To accomplish this you must choose a side, as well as discuss alternative opinions. Most persuasive essays use the MLA formatting style unless otherwise requested by your professors.

Compared with the other forms of essay writing, the informal essay is written more for the enjoyment of personal expression.


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