Cigar Shop Business Plan

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Therefore, it’s vital that care be taken to ensure every customer of the shop has a good experience.Like walking into a neighbourhood pub, the cigar shop will likely have its share of regulars who consider outsiders an annoyance.If you’re new to the shop, the first person to get to know is the tobacconist.

The little perks such as free lighter refills, home or office delivery and putting aside cigars for you to age are just a few of the benefits you might experience once you’ve become a regular.

The next group of people you’ll want to get to know is the regulars.

An upstairs area is available to rent for private events.

Members will enjoy an exclusive membership area, as well as private cigar lockers.

At first, you’ll rely on his expertise, but after developing a relationship, he will likely begin to cater to your cigar interests.

He may special order certain cigars from his suppliers that he thinks you’ll enjoy.

For enthusiasts, entering the tobacconist is almost a sacred event. It’s also a unique shopping environment where scent, taste and intricate temperature and humidity control play a vital part in the end experience of smoking the cigar.

Any seasoned cigar smoker will know that even a minute change to the environment or improper handling of a cigar can prove to alter the result the purchaser will experience when smoking it.

Chris Tsangarides was introduced to cigars when he was 18 years old.

After a 15-year career in jewelry, he decided to start his own company and purchased our Haywood Mall location just after Memorial Day.


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