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You can start from scratch in any layout program including Microsoft Word, Publisher or Power Point as well as traditional graphic arts programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

* Photo: Jason Pietra * Music is an aural art form.

But the packaging for the recordings—the album cover—has a distinct aesthetic, one that has evolved along with distribution technologies and formats.

Happily, technologies like Cover Flow, the visual navigation interface Apple dropped into i Tunes in late 2006—not to mention the i Phone and i Pod Touch screens—have given album art some renewed prominence.

Innovations in packaging digital visuals along with the music are coming, like the special material for the Enemy's The space allotted to album art may be a fraction of what it once was, but that just sets the bar higher.

If you're using Photoshop to create this, stop right here. Once there, resize the image (proportionally) so that both the bottom corners of the square image are touching the tips of the two triangles. The whole folding process will be in this Step and will follow according to the picture order.

Open up your favorite image editing software that is capable of opening and editing PDF files. We are going to want to open both the PDF template of the case AND the DVD cover image inside Photoshop. To to this, move the square image so that one of the bottom corners is touching the tip of the triangles on the template. Oh yeah, one last thing...printing, don't choose "Scale to fit Media"..... Now that we printed, we can start constructing and folding the paper CD/DVD case! If you're using Photoshop to create this, stop right here. Picture 5 & 6-This is kind of tricky to understand, so hopefully the picture will help. Picture 3-Both sides have been folded according to picture 2. Picture 4-Fold up at the triangles template so that the fold is directly down the middle of the two triangles.The finished dimensions for the inlay card are not square to accommodate the folded part needed to make the spines on each end.The inlay card creates the cover for the back and both spines, while the CD Cover inserts into the lid of the CD case. state-of-the-art facility provides a one-stop shop for all your company's needs, from marketing advice, design services, sustainable print and mailing solutions since 1996.Picture 14-Flip the paper over, and fold a crease at the edge of the top of the photo (see picture below). Picture 15-Flip paper over again and fold the top corners according to the template. The first incarnation of Napster made no accommodation for album art at all, and i Tunes shrank covers into dispiriting splotches."If the best a designer can hope for is a 240-pixel square image, it'll be a depressing time for the music-packaging industry," says Stephen Doyle, creator of such venerated covers as Pat Metheny Group's Since then, some designers have embraced the thumbnail and crafted logolike images that serve as mnemonics for the band.Need custom CD covers for your corporate presentation or sales tools?Follow these simple CD cover size specifications to create the graphics for an eye-catching and informative CD jacket.


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