Cattle Feedlots Business Plan

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Cattle pen fattening entails the feeding of beef cattle with a balanced protein-high diet for a period of 3-4 months under confinement.

This is done to increase live weight of the cattle and improve the grade/quality of the beef so as to fetch higher prices when selling the beef cattle.

In many cases, more detailed assessment tools can help determine the answers or address any shortfalls. For assistance with whole farm planning and budgeting, check out the ISU Extension Ag Decision Maker Web site, https://

Human resource questions Business management, as well as cattle management and labor skills, are essential for a successful cattle feeding enterprise.

This may include more than ethanol coproducts, such as grain screenings, seed corn refuse, etc.

• Is there enough land application area near the site for manure application?Is there enough land to capture the full value of the manure nutrients?• Can existing machinery and buildings be used more efficiently?• Are the feeds (grain and forage) produced on your farm better marketed through cattle than crops in the long term?• Have you taken inventory of local feed byproduct opportunities?Cattle fattening ensures that the cattle express their full potential for growth.Confinement of beef cattle in pens is meant to ensure that the genetic coding of the beasts is fully expressed in their growth and to minimize weight loss through movement. Over 80 000 metric tonnes of beef are consumed every month in South Africa.Many farmers are contemplating adding or expanding a cattle feeding enterprise right now, but before building any fences, they should first consider a list of factors.John Lawrence, director of the Iowa Beef Center and economist with Iowa State University (ISU) Extension, said farmers often grow a little at a time without taking into consideration all of the animal, environmental and financial factors.Those should be taken into account when looking at expanding, he said.“What may work for a few cattle may not be the best for additional cattle,” said Lawrence, adding different regulations apply to certain sizes of operations.


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