California Critical Thinking Disposition Inventory Test

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CT disposition positively correlates to a students’ PBL performance.

Students with stronger CT dispositions perform better in the PBL process and obtain higher scores.

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The analysis of numerical data was conducted using SPSS 16.0.

CT disposition of third-year undergraduate medical students at Peking University was at a positive level, with an average score of 297.72.

Problem-based learning (PBL), a pedagogical approach, is widely accepted in medical education.

Manipulated by many factors, the internal motivation of learner is the most crucial determinant that affects the nature of the outcome, in which the influences of critical thinking (CT) remained elusive.

Comparing to graduates from traditional curriculum schools, graduates from active learning curriculum schools rated themselves higher not only on the typical PBL-related competencies, for example, the abilities of interpersonal communication, problem-solving, self-directed and lifelong learning, as well as information gathering, but also on the more general work-related skills which are deemed as the crucial aspect for success in professional practice, such as writing reports, presenting papers, doing research, producing new ideas, being able to work independently, being efficient and being able to work under pressure [7].

Schools adopting active-learning curricula had higher graduation rate than schools with conventional curricula, students graduated earlier than their counterparts from conventional schools [8].


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