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All business plans must result in concrete and clearly defined action steps that you and your business must accomplish in the future.

Without action steps, your plan will be only a piece of paper.

This option is great, if you aren’t in a hurry to bring in any real revenue.

But for those of you that are juggling day jobs and family commitments alongside your side projects, you need to bring in revenue as quickly as possible.

The number one mistake that’s in the unrecognizable mistakes group is when you see your plan only as a piece of paper that someone else asks you to do.

The business plan is of significant value for you and your business only if the creation is the process and not a simple document.But, sometimes there are mistakes that simply you don’t know you’re making. Probably, your biggest entrepreneurial mistake is when you don’t recognize that you are making mistakes.In such a way simply you continue with what you have already started even you are making mistakes.Yes, mistakes are something that can increase your won entrepreneurial experience.However, the mistake can be transformed into the experience only when you know that you’re making a mistake.The business plan is a not a static document that can be created and then simply forget on your shelves.Your business plan is a dynamic document that will need constantly to be measured, improved and updated.What’s more important this process is never ending process for you and your small business.Excellence is important, but sometimes it can trap you in one never-ending cycles of creating a plan that will never be implemented only because it is not an excellent plan.Sometimes the executive summary is the only thing that will be fully read from the people from financial institutions in charge to give you money for your venture.Because of that, an executive summary is important and must be fully complete.


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