Business Plan For Chicken Farming

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Step 1: Buy The Land Like we suggested you earlier you have to choose a land which is a remote place from city.But remember don’t choose any place which is too far from the city and which don’t have any well transportation system.Now you can see poultry farming business is a very easy way to make a good profit. Before you start your business you have to make a business plan, it is very important for all types of business.

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There are some other difficulties in urban area with poultry farming. will not allow you to make a farm in a residential area for health issue.

So it is better to select a perfect land for your business in a rural area.

The first step of starting a poultry business is the selection of bird type.

Here you will choose the type of birds is that layer or broiler. There are some other types of birds that you can bring in your consideration. Another important factor consider before baking the final plan of your chicken farm is to select the chicken cage type and size.

This article will focus on the process of poultry farming, the process of poultry from small farm and how to make it a big one. Technically this means that a layer is able to produce another layer twice in three days.

A healthy layer almost lays an egg every day or 4 eggs in a week sometimes it lays 7 eggs in a week too these all depends on the quality of your birds. So, if you have 500 healthy California white birds they are capable of giving you 12000 chicks within 40 days.

A business plan will tell you at which point you are now in your business.

Your poultry farming business plan should include these points.

The market price of a bird is not so low you can a good profit from it.

The price of a fully grown healthy chicken is about 10 to 11 dollar in the market.


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