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Most of the tools, however, are derived from informally defined social and economic concepts, which hinders their reuse by practitioners.

Most of the tools, however, are derived from informally defined social and economic concepts, which hinders their reuse by practitioners.In this thesis, we address this limitation by means of in-depth ontological analyses conducted under the principles of the Unified Foundational Ontology (UFO).He was journalist for the Swiss business magazine BILANZ in 2000-01, and Senior Research Fellow back at the University of Lausanne from 2000 to 2005 in the time he finished his Ph D research.

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In this “complex” and dynamic setting, a collaborative change process model requires more powerful engineering, argumentation and negotiation methodologies, complemented by support for context dependency management..

It turns out that much can be learned from other domains where formal artefacts are being collaboratively engineered.

A cross-chain management contract is concluded for interaction between the source chain and the target chain.

The proof of interaction between cross chains is done by synchronizing headers of the key block and other state data.

In the late 2000s "Osterwalder and a team of 470 co-creators published a popular model for describing business models: the Business Model Canvas.

If you sell cars, then you need not only make, model and year, but also MSRP, leather bucket seats and dealer incentives.Blockchain technology applies to all types of businesses that provide blockchain, smart contracts, distributed management for verification, data exchange, and other protocols and APIs.Without previous knowledge of distributed networks, users can easily develop distributed services via Ontology.How things relate to one another makes its way into programs, into data designs, influences IT buys, and ultimately dictates whether the data that you collect is actually of value to your organization or simply a waste of a database farm..The idea behind ontologies is relatively simple, though it has some profound implications.If you are a dentist, knowing about bicuspids, prostheses and various forms of anaesthesia is a must.Media companies have producers and writers, actors and grips, distribution networks and video masters. This language is not only critical to being able to communicate with others in your organization as well as with your customers, but it also influences how the programmers and data scientists identify those things that their data systems track, accept and analyze.This proposed a lightweight and reliable multi-chain system along with the cross-chain solution could increase the performance and efficiency of the Ontology network.The research area of ontology engineering seems to have reached a certain level of maturity, considering the vast amount of contemporary methods and tools for formalising and applying knowledge representation models.To further fasten the transaction, a new solution has been proposed by the research institute.This new solution uses the same Ontology blockchain as the main chain and supports for both side chain whose architecture is the same as the main chain.


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