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We hypothesized that use of the intervention would be associated with decreased levels of symptomatology, decreased temporal lobe high frequency electrical asymmetry, and improvements in parasympathetic measures of autonomic cardiovascular regulation.

Temporal lobe asymmetry was chosen because of predictions associated with the BHAM, and a high frequency range of electrical activity was chosen in consideration of potential associations between trauma, sleep disturbance, and increased activity in this range [27, 28].

insulae and other regions of temporal cortex) is likely to be characterized by a state of relative autonomic optimality, associated with relatively small and healthy fluctuations between leftward and rightward asymmetry of activity in those regions.

A corollary is that there may be value to interventions that can facilitate brain activity to calibrate away from maladaptive forms of hemispheric asymmetry, toward symmetry.

Editorialists have affirmed that “New innovative and engaging approaches for the treatment of PTSD are needed” [11].

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Recently, a bihemispheric autonomic model (BHAM) has been proposed as an integrative approach to understanding the effects of traumatic stress on health and behavior [12, 13].

Clinical #NCT02709369, retrospectively registered on March 4, 2016.

By most measures, there is room for improvement in the healthcare of individuals with symptoms of post-traumatic stress.

The objective of this pilot study was to explore the use of a closed-loop, allostatic, acoustic stimulation neurotechnology for individuals with self-reported symptoms of post-traumatic stress, as a potential means to impact symptomatology, temporal lobe high frequency asymmetry, heart rate variability (HRV), and baroreflex sensitivity (BRS).

From a cohort of individuals participating in a naturalistic study to evaluate use of allostatic neurotechnology for diverse clinical conditions, a subset was identified who reported high scores on the Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Checklist (PCL).


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