Black And White Photography Essay

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Green and red, for instance, are quite distinct in a color image, but in a black and white image they may appear to be rather similar in tone.

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The color or lack of color in an image should contribute to its impact.

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When the relationships between distinct hues in your image are important, color is often the best choice.

Contrasting color tones don’t always translate well to high contrast in black and white.

Thanks to digital post-processing, we have the advantage of deciding to present photos in color or black and white after taking the photo.

Cameras usually have monochrome modes that let you preview your images in black and white on the LCD screen.

Elements of color theory attract a viewer’s eye when used effectively.

The ability to use complementary colors or analogous colors, for example, to emphasize relationships between subject matter is lost with black and white photography.

If you only shoot a black and white image saved as a JPEG, however, the color information will be lost.

Ultimately, the choice of whether to use color or black and white for an image is subjective.


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