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It is also a popular medium of entertainment; a whole new industry has emerged thanks to the presence of televisions in each household.Films, tv series, songs, news and everything a person likes is available now.Direct response advertising Direct response advertising is used when you want to prompt an immediate response from potential customers.

With a television in nearly every household and the average person watching several hours of television per day, television presents an enormous possibility of exposing a product to a large number of people.

In conclusion, the advantages of television advertising make it by far the most effective advertising medium.

Television is one of the greatest gift science has ever given us.

It is one of those inventions that contributed to transforming human life in a significant way.

International news brings the whole world at our disposition with few clicks.

Educational programs are an extraordinary way to build a character and expand a child’s mind.

But it’s not easy for everyone to write a good essay, sometimes you just have to order It has become a mean to connect to the world- one can sit on their comfortable sofa in their home and see the war happening on another end of the world.

The TV has occupied an important place; staring at the screen a family bond on the weekends, a child is soothed by looking at funny colored creatures and a mother prepares her New Year dish learning from weekly cooking shows.

While print appeals only to the sense of sight and radio only to hearing, television appeals to both sight and hearing simultaneously.

Moreover, a television advertisement is a moving film and therefore is quite successful at presenting the illusion of reality.


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