Bacteriology Lab Report

Bacteriology Lab Report-14
The cells in your sample will be taken to a lab and put in a special environment in a lab to encourage cell growth. But some types of bacteria grow slowly, and it may take several days or longer.Bacteria culture tests are used to help diagnose certain types of infections.

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Ask your health care provider if you need to do anything to prepare for your test.

There are no known risks to having a swab or blood test or to providing a urine or stool sample.

Finally, individual colonies can be picked from a nutrient agar plate and various diagnostic tests performed to further characterise the isolate. We then carried out a Gram stain on the colonies from the NA plates to determine the cell morphology and Gram type of the two strains.

The results of the Gram stain were compared with that from the Gregerson test, which also discriminates between the two Gram types. BIOC1010: Introduction to Microbiology After two days of incubation at 30 °C and storage at 4°C we analysed the Na and the EMBA plates. The streaking was well divided into the three sections in all plates except for the NA with E.

The use of solid media for the culturing of microorganisms allows the isolation of clonal lines in which all the cells in a colony are derived from a single progenitor cell.

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Furthermore, the ability of different bacterial isolates to grow on solid media can be used as a diagnostic assay, as can the morphology of the resulting colonies. luteus) onto standard nutrient agar (NA) plates, and onto a selective medium (EMB agar) to test which strain was capable of growth.

luteus colonies appeared as bright yellow on the second NA. luteus colonies were circular and shaped like a pinhead, while E. luteus’ but they were slightly more elevated from the plates.

Discussion (~ half a page) Discuss what your results tell you about the two strains – how do they compare? Comment on the three different strategies for determining Gram type (i.e. In our experiment, we used three different techniques to identify the two bacteria: Gregersen test, Gram staining and the previously mentioned EMBA test.

They are widely used as a model organism of a complex developmental life cycle among prokaryotes.

We study regulation of gene expression of their life cycle, especially on the transcriptional level that is represented by sigma factors, as a major transcriptional regulators and on the post-transriptional level represented by small non-coding RNAs.


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