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This is a basic example but the logic can be followed for all other reports. It is also worth while looking inside the script that Avaya generates, open it with Notepad and have a look at the code it contains, it is written in Visual Basic.

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Task ID Set Rep = Nothing End If End If Set Info = Nothing next '## cvs_cmd_end End Sub I used an array to loop thru each skill and repeat the code that saves the report, if you have any questions please write to me.

Hi All, I am using this code to pull the report from cms r17. Each position of the array hold the date, time, etc. Now to run the code each report has properties which needs to be passed on via VBA.

So after some research I found out that we can use the Avaya objects from Excel to automate these reports. You should see the auto code completer come up with possible options. Count) '''''' we set a reference to the server here Call do Rep("Historical\Split/Skill\Summary Interval", sk) This Workbook.

I was able to automate most of my daily, weekly and monthly reports and what used to take me hours to complete I can now finish in seconds with one click. Dim cvs App As New Application Dim cvs Conn As New Connection Dim cvs Srv As New Server Dim Rep As New Report Dim Info As Object, Log As Object, b As Object The rest of the coding will be the same...

Over the last couple of years I was able to create all sort of automated dashboards to report on call statistics, service levels and staff KPIs. Another method on how to automate CMS without logging into the server by using the server instance already running if you have Avaya CMS control panel application already running on your desktop.

Of course Avaya has a custom reports capability but I was told I can't have access to this function as our company had an agreement with Avaya that they are the only people allowed to write custom reports otherwise the warranty on the software will be void. For this code to work remember to set all the reference I mentioned in the VBA editor tools me, read my first post above and click on the picture to see which ones to select: Here's the entire module code below, it will run the historical split skill summary interval report for skill number 1: Dim cvs App As New Application 'Dim cvs Conn As New Connection Dim cvs Srv As New Server Dim Rep As New Report Dim Info As Object, Log As Object, b As Object Dim logged As Boolean Public Sub CMSConn() On Error Go To e: Application. Add "The report Historical\Split/Skill\Summary Interval was not found on ACD 1.","_Report Not Found" '## Parameters. Add "C:\CMS Scripts\skill.txt","_Output" '## Parameters. Need your help please provide how can i make it usefull. Public Sub Single_CMS_Report_Extract() On Error Resume Next ' Add the files specified below to the References section: ' Tools - Browse to the CMS directory, ' e.g.: "C:\Program Files\Avaya\CMS Supervisor R14" Dim cms Application As Application 'acs Dim cms Server As Server 'acs Dim cms Connection As Connection 'Dim cms Catalog As Catalog 'Dim cms Report As Report 'acs Dim my Log As String, my Pass As String, my Server As String Dim report Path As String, report Name As String, report Prompt(1 To 2, 1 To 3) As String Dim export Path As String, export Name As String ' Assigns Variables my Log = "Username" my Pass = "password" my Server = "xxx.xxx" report Path = "Historical\CMS custom" report Name = "AESC Multi Vector" report Prompt(1, 1) = "ENTER VECTOR(s)" report Prompt(1, 2) = "date" report Prompt(1, 3) = "Time" report Prompt(2, 1) = "312;307;316;301;305" report Prompt(2, 2) = "5/24/2018" report Prompt(2, 3) = "-" export Path = "C:\Users\parveen.parveen1\Documents" export Name = "test. Item(report Path & report Name), cms Report If cms Report. Set Property("date", "5/24/2018") to hard enter those values. TXT" ' Open the CMS Application, launches acs ' If a CMS Supervisor console is already open, ' the existing acs is used. ACD = 1 ' Sets parameters for report, launches (2x) cms Catalog. Set Property(report Prompt(1, 1), report Prompt(2, 1)) And cms Report. Or you can choose not to use the array and using meaningful variable names to achieve the same results. I could not get any report in the folder which i have provided. Reports("Historical\Split/Skill\Summary Interval") If Info Is Nothing Then If cvs Srv. Export Data(sk(i-1, 1), 9, 0, False, True, True) Rep. You can open the .acsauto file with notepad and edit it, this script will save on the C: drive in a directory called C:\CMS Scripts, make sure you have it. Add "Historical\Split/Skill\Summary Interval","_Report" '## Parameters. Here the code to get the summary interval reports for 15 skills and save them in a text file in one script. One other question - do you know how you would refresh (or simulate a refresh) a historical report via VBA? I'm making some progress with Access, but there are some slightly different behaviors I'm noticing. It has a restart in the menu which is kind of what I'm thinking, restart it, feed it the .


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