At&T Business Mobile Plans

AT&T’s announcement comes as the wireless industry tries to move customers away from unlimited data.Unlimited data was once the standard in the wireless industry, allowing smartphone users to consume as much of the Internet as they wanted without fear of being charged an additional fee for overusage.

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A true business cell phone plan offers the same options as an office desk phone, as well as unique mobile features—yes, including the connectivity to close a deal on a yacht.

reviewed and compared several business cell phone plans—plus a few other options not necessarily designed for business—and narrowed the field to five viable carriers. As a telecom behemoth, AT&T has plenty of cell phone features and packages to offer a business—around 20 plan variations, small to large.

Now that the wireless industry has turned its back on unlimited data, AT&T has found a way to bring it back.

The wireless company on Monday announced that wireless subscribers who have or add Direc TV or the company’s U-verse TV service to their lineup of offerings will be able to get unlimited data for their smartphone plans.

Its competitors, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint, have similarly made it far less cost-effective to be an unlimited plan holder, ultimately leading to many switching to cheaper tiered data plans.

Still, the move to limit data usage has come under fire from critics who argue customers should be able to consume as much data as they’d like.

Through a mix of cross-selling, some analysts said, both AT&T and Direc TV could benefit.

The unlimited plan offering is just one of those attempts.

With this latest move, AT&T is effectively making the idea of switching to Direc TV more palatable for customers, and for current Direc TV subscribers to move their wireless service to AT&T.

Indeed, AT&T said Monday that existing Direc TV or U-verse customers who are not yet AT&T subscribers can receive 0 in credits if they switch to the new unlimited plan and buy a smartphone from the company. In addition to smartphones, customers who want to put a tablet on the unlimited plan can do so for per month.


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