Assignment On Agriculture

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We have produced a total number of eight maps covering some of the most essential elements of the intersection between agricultural activities and the environment.

Agricultural area includes arable land, permanent crops, as well as grasslands.

arid, alkaline) the frequency of irrigation differs considerably.

Poorly managed irrigation often leads to soil erosion, salinization of soil, and ultimately to desertification.

For large numbers of fields, where these algorithms may not be tractable due to computational constraints, elements of clustering and the solution of local Traveling Salesman Problems are added, thereby on the one hand rendering the method heuristic and in general suboptimal, but on the other hand maintaining large-scale applicability.

The pivotal purpose of the assignment was to get a general picture of the geographic distribution of agricultural production and highlight some common trends and problems in the use of agricultural land.Rather than solving an assignment problem only, it is here also accounted for the connectivity between fields.In practice, fields are often located distant apart.Primitive subsistence farming is the type of subsistence farming that is typically done on small areas of land with traditional tools like hoe, dao, digging sticks etc.This is rather the most natural method of growing crops, because, the natural environment like heat, rain, wind and condition of the soil contribute to the growth of crops.In India, agriculture is our primary economic activity and about two-thirds of our population is engaged in the same.Let us get acquainted with types of farming done in India.A world map of agricultural areas, measured in hectares, provides an overview of land areas designated for agricultural use.This world map demonstrates how much agricultural production there is per capita.Due to the need for a high amount of output, farmers cultivate larger areas of land, with heavy use of machinery. It involves farming on large areas of land to maximize output and profits.This type of farming requires huge capital and involves extensive labour.


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