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On Wednesday, CNN's Erin Burnett kissed up to left-wing actress Ashley Judd by promoting her radical feminist take on society.

Burnett asserted that "one thing the education system still teaches is a patriarchal view of the world," and quoted from an April 2012 piece that Judd wrote for The Daily Beast: "Patriarchy is not men.

You had me there, because that is what we're seeing. We're seeing it right now with the NFL, and the reaction to domestic violence right here in the United States. I appreciate you teasing that out, and it's something that I discovered myself as an undergraduate – because, on the one hand, I was becoming intellectually and emotionally and spiritually empowered.

On the other hand, I saw myself doing things with which I was later ashamed – whether it was in terms of – objectifying myself.

Former President (and, of course, former Allied Commander) Eisenhower came out of retirement to hold a press conference to denouncing “The Battle of the Bulge” for its gross inaccuracies. Prosecution can be used for ideological and partisan discrimination.

Not only is the sign benign, it is not even original: that same language is on fitness company ads all over the country.

His name for the movie was “How Henry Fonda Won the Second World War.” The most striking of the endless misrepresentations in the movie is the absence of snow.

The battle’s major feature was that it was fought in freezing, winter conditions, on snow covered terrain sometimes up to two feet deep. Scott Campbell, the owner of the Pell City Fitness gym in Pell City, Alabama, put up a sign that says “tired of being fat and ugly? ” City officials told him to take down the sign or be fined, saying it is too big and needs a permit, but other business owners told the local news media that they have never heard of the ordinance the city is citing being enforced.

So far, it looks like the community is supporting Pell and that the city will back down, but this is Alabama. So the not-so-hidden message in Weinstein’s non-apology statement was “Hey, remember, I supported Hillary and Obama and I raise millions for Democrats and I’ll help destroy the NRA and Trump.

Call me pessimistic, but I doubt the sign would be allowed to stand for long in Washington State or California if an ordinance could be found to justify pulling it down. Continue reading Has she channeled that anger and humiliation and fear at the industry that allowed it? I may treat you like shit, but my heart is in the right place.


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