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If you demonstrate your multidisciplinary approach to an issue of primarily a biological nature, it will show the versatility of your approach to a problem and the depth of your understanding of it.For example, the closest interdisciplinary relation biology has is chemistry.It is one of the few recognizable awarding bodies in the United Kingdom.

Another thing you need to know about AQA is that its exams and submission processes are computerized due to the high popularity of the certificates and limited space for submission.

For you as a student, it means an outstanding precision and accuracy of results and the efficiency of the process itself.

cover points from all modules but would really benefit from your help guys! and to make it worse the head of science was going to teach us today but he decided to teach his year 9's instead. I love this website (In a non-weird way) All the essays are pretty much 25/25 and there's loads of guidelines etc. but its not much use when i don't know how the examiner thinks when they are marking. my teacher is a total mark-a-phobe and she literally refuses to mark ur essays and barely gave me the two C and D grade essays grrrr. i'll treat it with care (in the most non-weird way possible lol).

Its no wonder half my class is failing Don't even get me started on this rubbish exam..... we should keep this thread going as a hatefest to the damn synoptic paper lol!!!

This should help you get into the mind of the examiner (which is kinda hard) and also to learn from your friend's answer - and vice versa! I'm happy to swap answers with anybody online if they want! - Oxygen transport/haemoglobin and the hydrogen ions stimulating oxyhaemglobin to unload oxygen - Transport of ions through a plant- we know mineral ions travel up because of experiments using radioactive tracers, using radioactive forms of ions.

- Na- Cl- ions involved in the loop of henle Can anyone think of anything else?The background of the students regarding their major and subjects taken does not require additional validation, and the alliance serves as a supplementary independent award-giving body.Although it is not obligatory to pass the examination in AQA, it will boost your CV and leave less questions about your knowledge.However, it also means that every minor mistake counts, so you should go there prepared and concentrated both during the tests and writing your essay.This specific qualification level is equal to advanced.You could always do an essay in the correct time and whatever else from one of the past papers, and get a friend to do the same but with a different question.Then you both use the generic mark scheme (and maybe a text book) and mark each others answers - critically. ill list them for my own revison purposes - Cystic fibrosis - Resting & action potential - H ions in photosynthesis & respiration - H ions and denaturing of enzymes - Properties of water..? carrier proteins & channel proteins allowing ions through?hiya, im trying to prepare for the synoptic essay for AQA Biology A on the 18th june (eeek!) but i dont have anything to compare my essays to.The best advice I'll give is to look at the mark scheme - I found that the structure always follows a pattern - for example first you give a definition of what is being asked of.Then, you state how that thing is made and where it's found, its use etc..


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