Arundhati Roy Essay On Maoists

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As she told the , much to the impatience of the six million people who bought that book (and, you imagine, her agent David Godwin).

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The country has a defence budget of $34bn this year. There is something incongruous about listening to Roy talk in her gentle voice about the Indian state's campaign of violence as we drink tea in a five-star Westminster hotel.

She sits in an upholstered chair, legs delicately folded beneath her, a grey shawl wrapped around her shoulders.

Democracy is thriving "for a few people, in the better neighbourhoods of Bombay and Delhi".

The Indian elite are "like an extra state in America". "For us." In her account, there is a war taking place, not with Pakistan or China, but within India's borders: the sham democracy has turned on its poorest citizens.

The interview on 19 August will be the headline of the festival, which runs from 10-26 August and will also include the launch of an update to Lesley Riddoch’s Blossom, a new novel by former MP Chris Mullin following up his bestselling classic A Very British Coup and a discussion between former Prime Minister Gordon Brown and economist Branko Milanovic as he launches his new book Capitalism, Alone.

Very excited to be interviewing Arundhati Roy at this summer’s @edbookfest - I’m a huge admirer of both her novels and now looking forward to this newly published collection of her non fiction writing.

Her own country revelled in her success - here was a photogenic ambassador for modern India, superpower of the future.

Knowing Roy as we do now, her reaction to the adulation seems predictable.

Its leaders are "such poor men because they have no idea of history, of culture, of anything, except growth rates".

The prime minister, Manmohan Singh, is a "pathetic figure as a human being".


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