Argumentative Essay On Education

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Although teachers should find other ways of getting the information to the students.

When students are taught like this, they get bored and tired of school, and this is why they dropout.

This increases the gap in the social status of America by educating the wealthy and leaving the others with the low paying jobs.

This could quite possibly wipe out the entire middle class, leaving a huge gap between the upper and lower classes.

What they fail to realize, though, is that the other first world countries are constantly trying to catch up with the U. So we must take precautions, constantly improve the education, and not take our power for granted. Our forefathers worked extremely hard to put us where we are today.

The world is always evolving and advancing technologically.Of course with such a highly diverse population, all people are not going to agree with each other.Those people that do not acknowledge the nation’s educational program to be defective must have their own reasons for believing what they do.Now, instead of all students receiving a poor education, some are not getting one at all.The main cause for this is the students’lack of interest in school.Although we will not find a simple solution to our faulty educational system, something has to be done.What better place to start then accepting the fact that it is the biggest challenge facing the nation today?There is a great deal of evidence to show this problem.The pathetically low results of American students through international test scores is one obvious fault.As stated by the famous novelist Victor Hugo, “He who opens a school door, closes a prison”.The importance of education can never be stressed enough, no matter the person or situation.


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