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KRON is running a 15-second commercial that depicts a box of Trojan condoms. For all the right reasons.'' James Griffin, director of broadcast operations for WJLA in Washington, said the station reached its decision after it was approached by the makers of Trojan condoms.An announcer's voice tells of the Surgeon General's statements endorsing condoms and adds: '' This is a box of Trojans. '' We think that public health considerations override the moral questions raised by those who disagree with the decisions,'' he said. The new direction by local television stations has won a good deal of support among ordinary viewers. The important factor is that it stops unwanted pregnancies and stops the spread of AIDS.'' Susan Smirnoff, a spokeswoman for Carter-Wallace Inc., which manufactures Trojan, said that until the Surgeon General's statement, condom companies had been unsuccessful in advertising on television. Today, have all recently decided to accept condom advertsements.The workshop teaches the students about the history of other sexually transmitted diseases as well as AIDS.

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Television Station Shows Ad Until this year, no television station in the country, it is believed, accepted condom advertising.

But in mid-January, KRON-TV of San Francisco began to use such commercials, saying it would donate profits to AIDS research.

Televisions stations in San Francisco, Washington and Detroit, WMCA Radio in New York and a number of newspapers and magazines announced recently that they would accept condom advertisements.

The CBS television program '' Cagney and Lacey,'' and the NBC program '' Valerie'' have recently portrayed mothers discussing sexual responsibility with their sons and the episodes specifically mentioned condoms.

'' They are quite openly displayed and people can buy condoms as well as buying their yogurts and soda,'' said Dr. Carlson, director of the University Health Service.

He said condoms were openly displayed so that students would not feel they were making ''an exotic kind of purchase.'' But the health service has lately installed condom vending machines as well and distributed booklets to all students on safe sexual practices.

The station is to run only ads that deal with condoms as a disease preventative, not as a contraceptive. A Columbia University student, Frances Schwartzkopff, said she was pleased. '' That got the ball rolling and it really took off,'' she said. The Newspaper Advertising Bureau cautions that generally, the advertisements permitted emphasize the health features rather than erotic features of condoms.

'' TV encourages everyone to go into bed, but it doesn't explain what to do once you get there,'' she said. '' They thought maybe they ought to try a different ploy and see if they could run ads not directed toward birth-control use of a condom but disease-protection use of a condom.'' Trojan sales increased 20 percent in 1986 over 1985, though Ms. The television networks, however, have so far declined to permit condom advertising.

In several weeks, Rutgers plans to give away 15,000 condoms.

Columbia's student-run campus grocery store has carried condoms for more than five years.


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