Analytical Essay Over The Scarlet Letter

Analytical Essay Over The Scarlet Letter-23
At the beginning of the story, Hawthorne tells of Hester's long flowing hair.

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Strength in the mind and also in the heart is what makes Hester a striking person in a gloomy society.

This strength was inside of her all along, but it is the scarlet letter that eventually brings it to our attention.

Hester repeatedly denies Chillingworth the satisfaction of knowing her fellow sinner.

And in the forest scene, Dimmesdale acknowledges that she has the strength he lacks and he calls on her help in his time of need.

Though she is isolated with her mother, Pearl finds her company and joy in the nature that surrounds her.

She alone knows that her mother must keep the scarlet letter on her at all times, and that to take it off is wrong.

Roger Chillingworth is the most affected by the sin, though he was not around when the sin took place.

Demented by his thoughts of revenge and hate, Hawthorne shows Mr.

Over the course of the novel, Hester remains unchanged in some areas, such as strength and honesty, but her beauty and social status vary greatly.

One trait that defines Hester throughout the novel is strength.


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