An Expository Essay

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Imagine you need to verbally explain a concept to your classmates, maybe a behavioural theory.

What are the key elements on which you would focus? You could explain who came up with the theory, the specific area of study to which it is related, its purpose, and the significant details to explain the theory.

You can order your sections in the most logical way to explain your ideas.

For example, if you are describing a process, you may use chronological order to show the definite time order in which the steps need to happen.

This is the same process that you would use when you write an expository essay.

You may actually be doing this all the time; for example, when you are giving someone directions to a place or explaining how to cook something.You already know that each paragraph should be roughly 75 to 200 words long.If you divide the required word count by five paragraphs (1,500 by 5), you end with 300 words per paragraph, way above the number you should have in a paragraph.Look back at the main idea of each section/paragraph, and try to summarize the point using words different from those you have already used.Do not include any new points in your concluding paragraph.There should be two to three supporting points: reasons, facts, statistics, quotations, examples, or a mix of these.Both the second and third body sections should follow the same pattern.Providing three body sections with one point each that supports the thesis should provide the reader with enough detail to be convinced of your argument or fully understand the concept you are explaining.However, remember that some sections will require more explanation, and you may need to separate this information into multiple paragraphs.Instead, if you think of your essays being divided into sections (with possibly more than one paragraph per section), your writing will likely be more organized and allow your reader to follow your presentation of ideas without creating too much distance between your paragraph’s supporting points and its topic sentence.As you will see in Section 4.5, some essay forms may require even more than five paragraphs or sections because of how many points are necessary to address.


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