Amish Culture Research Paper

They exhibit a deviating strategy of modernization than others (Kraybill, 2001).

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The threat to the Amish way of life is a product of ethnocentrism, which can take many forms.

For the Amish, ethnocentrism manifests itself as blatant prejudice and as a belief system that assumes all Americans want nothing more than to take part in mainstream......?

The Amish philosophy was based on the ideology of Menno Simons, the founder of the Mennonites.

It was Jacob Amman who started the Amish movement as a result of the ideological differences with the Mennonites. Subsistence Modes and Their Impact on the Amish Culture During the study of culture, one of the more important elements to take into consideration is the method by which the people subsisted.

It vehemently resisted merging with the outside world.

The history of Amish goes a long way back to the 15th century religious reformation movement.The argument that Amish impose greater fatigue and stress on themselves and their generations by denying use of modern technology to ease life or that they really want a more simple life needs validation.Survival, increase in life expectancy and transformation of tribes into rural and urban societies has been taught by the developments in the civilizations.While several of these distinctions may seem very similar, each has its own strengths and weaknesses.For example, foraging refers to seeking out and exploiting naturally occurring food resources. A Healthy Way of Life A healthy way of life can be accomplished through the right choices one makes every day.Subsistence generally refers to the means by which an individual or group of people supports themselves at a minimum level.There are a number of ways survival can be accomplished, including foraging, horticulture, pastoral, agricultural, agrarian, or industrial.Soon after its formation, the movement grew rapidly and its members were persecuted both by Roman church and by the faction of Martin Luther, who felt threatened by their ideology and radicalism.The consequences of these persecutions were prayers at night and meetings at secret places.Introduction The Amish subculture has maintained its traditions, beliefs and practices till today.It’s a subculture that has existed parallel to the modern society, adhering to its strict principles and ways of life.


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