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AFSA's Governing Board is elected by the membership every two years.The board's constitution is governed by the American Foreign Service Association's bylaws.American Foreign Service Association is the exclusive bargaining agent for the Foreign Service employees of all five agencies.

Although this list is not comprehensive, we have pulled together a number of exciting funding, exchange, and other opportunities for students.

We are always available to talk through other ideas and options with students.

There are also smaller offices within the Department of State, USAID, and the Department of Commerce.

American Foreign Service Association's staff is divided into the following departments: Executive Office, Member Services, Advocacy, Scholarships, Communications, Foreign Service Journal, Business and Accounting, and Labor Management.

The AFSA Scholarship Program offers college aid to children of AFSA members whose parents are/were Foreign Service employees.

We provide financial aid scholarships to undergraduates and academic merit awards, art merit awards, and a community service award to graduating high school seniors.Stop by our office at 203-B Thomson Hall, or email us at [email protected] back often, as new opportunities will be added as we find them!American Foreign Service Association works closely with retired Foreign Service personnel on legislative issues related to retiree pensions and benefits.Retirees, individually and through independent retiree groups around the country, actively promote the Foreign Service and international engagement in their communities.Over the last twenty years, the American Foreign Service Association board has grown from 21 to 29 members; a recent bylaw amendment will reduce the board's size to 19 as of the 2017–2019 term.American Foreign Service Association's president is Ambassador Barbara Stephenson, a senior foreign service officer and ambassador who previously served in Panama, Iraq, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Curacao. American Foreign Service Association maintains its headquarters building at 2101 E Street NW in Washington, DC.The employee may be active-duty, retired, separated or deceased.AFSA offers aid to high school seniors who can compete for academic and art merit awards as well as a community service award; we also offer financial aid scholarships to tax-dependent undergraduates. for his winning essay “From Dictatorship to Democracy: The Power of Cooperation in Military Interventions.” Wilson King, who graduated in 2019, was recognized by the American Foreign Service Association, U. King also participated Shepaug Valley School’s Model UN and World Affairs Forum. After lunch and a tour of the American Foreign Service Association’s headquarters, King and his family were escorted to the U. Capitol for a private tour and discussion in the chamber of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee which was empty during recess.


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