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Identity politics is the coalitional strategy of multiculturalism and political correctness its enforcement arm.Our Intellectual Strategy The American Right—conservative intellectuals and politicians alike—underestimates the dangers of multiculturalism.Slavery was the glaring exception, finally overcome by the genius of Abraham Lincoln.

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Lincoln operated on the basis of a political philosophy grounded in the laws of nature.

This established both a purpose (the securing of the common good and certain rights) and a set of principles that provided the means for achieving that purpose.

He thus fought on the high ground of justice established by the Declaration of Independence—all while coldly calculating politics as the art of the possible.

The Laws of Nature and Nature’s God may be immutable, but their application is changeable.

As an ideology, it stands for nearly the opposite of America’s national motto.

It seeks to divide and conquer Americans, making many groups out of one citizenry.

The American Right’s failure to evaluate correctly President Trump, his political movement, and the nature of his opposition stems from a much deeper error. Despite the frequent and easy invocation of the Founders and Lincoln by the American Right for decades, both the principles of the Founding and Lincoln’s statesmanship remain obscure to our nation’s leadership.

The intellectual part of this campaign against multiculturalism must explain the thinking of the Founders and Lincoln and apply it to policy challenges today.

For the American Founders, the ultimate purpose of politics is justice, and justice meant the equal protection of equal rights rooted in a common understanding of human nature.

Justice therefore encompassed a rational and deliberative pursuit of a common good that had as its bedrock the protection of the fundamental rights of all.


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